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2015 International Pathwork Conference (General)
SKU: 2015IPC
Registration and Conference fee for the International Pathwork Conference (General) Thursday Sept. 17, 2015 through Monday, September 21, 2015.
2015 International Pathwork Helpers Leadership Conference
SKU: 2015IPCleaders
Registration and conference fee for the Pathwork Helpers Leadership Conference Tuesday, Sept. 15 through Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015.
All of You by Patricia Gebrim
Imagine that many selves exist inside of YOU. They live in the same space yet inside you all the same. They are�the child self; the lower self; the mask self; the higher self; and the observer self. Now, imagine that these "selves" don
Complete Lectures of the Pathwork -- Expanded Edition
$59.95 $29.95
This new CD contains the text on CD (NOT AUDIO) of all 258 lectures in two editions plus additional materials including Eva's own "The Path to the Real Self" and over 1000 additional pages of material the Q&A's.
Creating Union
SKU: CU2office
The Essence of Intimate Relationship A compilation of Eva's lectures by Judith Saly Second Edition. WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS APPLY.
Lessons from My Path by Tess Kirby
SKU: Lessons
Lessons from My Path is filled with practical spiritual wisdom in a concise, easy-to-access style. It reminds readers of simple practices at the same time as it encourages more in-depth understanding, Whether you need down-to-earth guidance or just a whis
Pathwork Travel Guide by Jan Roelofs KINDLE Edition
SKU: 528
In the Pathwork Travel Guide, author Jan Roelofs, a Pathwork Helper in the Netherlands, takes the reader on an inner journey into his or her own unexplored terrainthe selves within that we hardly know. Using the wisdom of the Pathwork Guide Lectures, Jan
The Pathwork -- A Daily Practice -- Compiled by Barbara Azzara
This collection of 150 Pathwork Quote card, compiled by Barbara Azzara, is an inspired offering, a doorway to awakening. You can use these cards to deepen your spiritual practice by following a simple map of consciousness.
The Undefended Self
SKU: US3office
Living the Pathwork to personal tranformation by Susan Thesenga. This new edition contains substantial revisions and an updated cover. WHOLESALE DISCOUNTS APPLY.